Today, as I progress through Week 11, was Legs & Back day.  This was the ninth time I’ve done this workout, so it’s not new to me.  I’m happy to report that I have made significant progress since week one.  I can do significantly more chin ups, and my legs feel great.

As I reported last week, the legs & back workout also contributed to a great weekend of downhill skiing, thanks to P90X.

My strength was great today; I did more chin ups than ever before.  What surprised me, however, was that I was getting winded.  I was out of breath more than I remember in previous workouts, so my cardio-vascular system wasn’t working great today.

It’s possible I was just having a bad day, or it’s possible that with my time off for skiing I haven’t done enough cardio recently.

Of course it’s also possible that all of those extra chin ups left me short of breath, so perhaps I shouldn’t worry.  Time will tell.

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I am now in the fourth week of the P90X workout, which is the “rest” week.  The theory is that you go hard with the resistance training for three weeks, then in week number four you do no resistance training.  Instead you concentrate on cardio and stretching, so you are doing Yoga, Core Synergistics and Kenpo.

Today I did my fourth Yoga X workout since starting, and I now have a new favorite phrase: “Last Vinyasa”.

A Vinyasa is a series of poses in yoga.  In P90X it’s part of the Sun Salutation sequence: plank, chaturanga, downward dog, upward dog.

After the warm up in Yoga X you spend about half an hour doing variations of this sequence.  The first few are easy; the last few are killers, so when they flash on the screen that you are doing the Last Vinyasa, it’s a happy time!

Unfortunately even though you are 45 minutes in to the workout there are still 45 more minutes to go when you do your last vinyasa, but that’s fine.  The final half of the workout is balance poses and stretching, so although it’s hard it’s not as intense as the first half.

Of all the workouts I still find Yoga X to be the most difficult, and the most draining.  I am always most exhausted after the Yoga X workout (which hopefully means it’s working).

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Day 10 – Shoulders & Arms

October 30, 2010

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