recreational weight training

Now that I’m in week #2, this was the second time through doing the Shoulders & Arms workout. I did the first P90X shoulders & arms workout on Day 3.  I found this workout to be better than the first one, primarily because I knew what to expect.

I recorded my first shoulders & arms workout on the P90X worksheets, so it was easy to see the weight and reps I used last week.  (The worksheets have 10 columns, for 10 weeks of workouts, so it’s easy to track your progress).

My strategy today was simple: try to improve on what I did in the last workout.

My overall goal is “lean” as opposed to “lift weights to increase bulk”, so I attempt higher reps with lower weights, as opposed to low reps/higher weights to build mass.  So, if last week I was able to do 10 reps, this week, I’d shoot for 12.  If I could do 15, then it’s time to increase the weight and drop back the reps until I can improve.

I was able to improve, so I was satisfied with today’s workout.  With two of these workouts done, it will be easier to set goals for improvement in future workouts.

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