P90X Classic

There are three different P90X programs or streams:

  1. Classic
  2. Doubles
  3. Lean

The Classic program is the program most people will do.

The Doubles program is, as the name implies, almost “double” the amount of work you do in the Classic program. Once you are into the Doubles program you may do a resistance workout in the morning, and a cardio workout in the afternoon.  Double workouts are only appropriate if you are super fit, or if you have a lot of time on your hands (since you will be working out for more than two hours per day), or you are a serious athlete getting ready for the season.

The Lean program is focused more on leaning out, or weight loss.  This is done by replacing two workouts: In the Classic program you start with a Chest and Back workout (resistance training), and the next day you do Plyometrics.  In the Lean program you start with Core Synergistics (core and cardio), and on day two you do Cardio.  So the Classic program has one more upper body workout; the Lean program has an extra Cardio workout.

I’ve chosen to start with the Lean program (since this is a site about how to lose weight).  Note however that the purpose of P90X is to get fit, not just to lose weight; that’s just a side benefit.

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