Day 3 in either the Classic or Lean P90X program is the Shoulders & Arms workout, followed by Ab Ripper X.  My strategy was simple: start with reasonable weights, and try to make it through the workout.  Here’s how it works:

There are twelve exercises in the basic routine, plus three more in the bonus round at the end.  You do the first three exercises in sequence, then go back and do them again, and then repeat that process with the next three exercises, and so on.

Since this was my first time through the workout, I wasn’t familiar with the exercises, so I would occasionally pause the DVD to catch up.

Another bit of advice: use the P90X worksheets so you can keep track of the weights and the reps you are doing.  If the first time through you did 10 reps with 15 pounds, try to do 12 reps on the second set.  To keep track of where I was at, I used a highlighter to draw a line under every third exercise, so I could see where I was at.

I kept the weights reasonable, and had no problem getting through the workout.  And, since I kept track of the weight I was using, next time I’ll know what weights I need, and I can try for more weights and more reps.

Overall, I liked this routine.

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