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Today, as I progress through Week 11, was Legs & Back day.  This was the ninth time I’ve done this workout, so it’s not new to me.  I’m happy to report that I have made significant progress since week one.  I can do significantly more chin ups, and my legs feel great.

As I reported last week, the legs & back workout also contributed to a great weekend of downhill skiing, thanks to P90X.

My strength was great today; I did more chin ups than ever before.  What surprised me, however, was that I was getting winded.  I was out of breath more than I remember in previous workouts, so my cardio-vascular system wasn’t working great today.

It’s possible I was just having a bad day, or it’s possible that with my time off for skiing I haven’t done enough cardio recently.

Of course it’s also possible that all of those extra chin ups left me short of breath, so perhaps I shouldn’t worry.  Time will tell.

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The first time I did the Legs & Back workout I found it to be difficult, but not impossible.  Today I did it again (since I’m now in week #2), and I realized that the the reason I didn’t kill myself the first time around was because I didn’t do very many reps of the various chin ups and pull ups that are required.

If you are doing the maximum number of reps you could do 120 or more pull ups.  I’m not doing anywhere near half that number; I do what I can, then I crash.

The leg exercises I’m able to do the maximum reps of virtually all of them, so next time I will increase the weight slightly.

As for the pull ups, I’ll just have to keep pulling, and hope I get gradually better over time.

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Day 5 – P90X – Legs & Back

October 25, 2010

After doing the P90X Yoga X workout yesterday, it was refreshing to get back to a more traditional (for a guy) workout.  Legs & Back is exactly what it sounds like: traditional leg and back exercises. I’ve done lunges, squats and chin-ups before, and this workout has lots of squats, lunges and chin-ups, so I […]

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