Day 4 – P90 X Yoga X

by Workout Guy

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For the first time in my life, I did Yoga.  I’m a guy, so up to this point I have seen no point in yoga.  However, since Day 4 of the P90X program is 90 minutes of yoga, I gave it a try.

Before I did, I fast forwarded through the DVD to see what I was getting myself in to.  It looked pretty easy, actually.  Just a bunch of standing around, and stretching.

So, I fired up the DVD, turned it on, and got started.

The first five minutes were no problem.

By minute 20 I thought I was going to puke.

Apparently I have no flexibility, and no ability to stretch, or hold any kind of pose or shape.  Apparently yoga is really difficult if you are stiff as a board.

90 minutes is too long for a Yoga workout, but I persevered, and got through it.  Hopefully on round two in a week I do better.

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