Personal Trainer

Today was a day when my personal trainer was scheduled to come by.  I gave her the choice of “legs and back’ or ‘shoulders and arms’ which were the two P90X muscle groups that I had not completed yet. She chose to work with legs & back and add some core in for good measure.  The good news is having shown her the P90X material I have been working on my session was much tougher than I would have otherwise been put through.  I like my trainer but she is not in support of ‘no pain = no gain” in terms of working out.  While I agree you do not want to overdue anything, sometimes you want to push the envelope a bit and feel it the next day or two.  Being, I think, a little concerned with losing a gig she put me through one of the hardest workouts I can remember in a long time.  Well done!

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