Legs & back

Today I did my first P90X workout in almost two months.

I finished the 12 week program, and then transitioned into other things.  I did some skiing (and discovered that P90X is great preparation for downhill skiing), and started working on my cardio for the upcoming running season.

I discovered, however, that running is hard on your body, and I ended up with a sore back.  I had no back problems at all when I was doing P90X, but when I spend most of my day sitting at my desk, and then try to go for a run, I have back problems.

So today I decided that a tune up was in order, so I did the P90X Legs & Back workout again.  I was quite pleased to discover that even after a two month break, I was still able to complete the workout at almost the same intensity and number of reps as the last time I did it.

I suspect if I took a two month break and did nothing I would have trouble, but taking a two month break from P90X and still doing other exercises I found I was able to maintain my fitness level.  That was encouraging.

My plan now will be to do perhaps one or two P90X workouts a week, interspersed with my other training.  Today I did a cardio workout (running on the treadmill) in the morning, and then I waited a few hours and in the afternoon I did the Legs & Back workout.  That worked out great; I was fresh for my primary running training, but still had time to rest prior to the P90X workout.  (I wouldn’t want to do P90X and then try to do a hard running training session).

I suspect that a Yoga workout every week or two will also help with cross training.

As Tony says, variety is the spice of life, so instead of trying to run six days a week, I’ll run three days a week, and do P90X workouts at other times.  We’ll see how it goes.

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Today, as I progress through Week 11, was Legs & Back day.  This was the ninth time I’ve done this workout, so it’s not new to me.  I’m happy to report that I have made significant progress since week one.  I can do significantly more chin ups, and my legs feel great.

As I reported last week, the legs & back workout also contributed to a great weekend of downhill skiing, thanks to P90X.

My strength was great today; I did more chin ups than ever before.  What surprised me, however, was that I was getting winded.  I was out of breath more than I remember in previous workouts, so my cardio-vascular system wasn’t working great today.

It’s possible I was just having a bad day, or it’s possible that with my time off for skiing I haven’t done enough cardio recently.

Of course it’s also possible that all of those extra chin ups left me short of breath, so perhaps I shouldn’t worry.  Time will tell.

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