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Workout 2 – Cardio X

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For my first in-between cardio day I decided to try the Cardio X part of the P90X program.  Cardio X is one of the easier routines in the program and, other than the opening Yoga segment, I was able to work through the routine.  The Yoga segment gave me a bit of difficulty primarily because my arms were fatigued from my previous day’s workout (Workout 1 – Chest & Back).  Cardio X is a short workout (about 43 minutes) and offers a combination of Yoga, Core, Kenpo (kickboxing) and Plyometrics (think of it as football / basketball jump training).  Although I am not doing extra Cardio for weight-loss, most of the work I do in the summer revolves around sustained muscle strength activities (digging in the garden for 6 hours) so I definitely could stand to improve my cardiovascular health.

What I liked:

  • It was fun and quick.  I am new to almost all of the moves and other than the Yoga found them easy to follow.
  • There is some core work in the Cardio X and as a woman I’m a big fan of core training to stay slim.
  • Both the Kenpo and Plyometrics are a lot of fun.

What I didn’t like:

  • Not much.  It’s a good beginner Cardio workout.  Perhaps as I move further down my program I may find it a bit too easy but then I can just save it for days I’m not ready to do more.

How I did:

  • Again, other than not being able to do the Yoga section, I managed to complete the entire video. Some exercises I did at a lower level of intensity.  I’m hoping for improvements as I move forward.

Next day, Plyometrics.

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Day 2 – Cardio X

by Workout Guy

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Today was Cardio day.  I wasn’t totally impressed with this workout.  First, some background.

Before starting P90X my workout routine consisted primarily of running and biking, which obviously are cardio activities.  I can run 5km in under 28 minutes, and I can bike at a decent speed for over an hour, so cardio is my strength.

That’s probably why I found that this workout was not particularly challenging.  There was lots of jumping and moving around, so if my cardio was weak, this would probably have been challenging.

However, for me, I would have been better off going for a run or a long bike ride.

Of course this workout can be done indoors and is not dependent on the weather, so it does have some obvious advantages.

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