Why P90X?

Why Try P90X?

P90X is an intense workout program; why should you try it?

If you are in terrible physical shape, grossly overweight, and eating junk food all day long, P90X is not for you.  To do P90X you need to be reasonably fit.  This should not be the first exercise program you attempt.  If you do have a base level of fitness, here’s why you should try P90X:

First, P90X will take your fitness to the next level.  Doing one activity, like cardio, or resistance training, will help you with cardio or strength.  With P90X  you are doing all activities.  You will work on cardio, strength training, and flexibility, which will improve your overall fitness.

Second, if you participate in sports, P90X will improve your sports performance.  If you are a runner, you train by running.  You probably don’t spend a lot of time stretching, doing yoga, and working on your core, and your upper and lower body.  Doing P90X will strengthen your entire body, which will make you a better runner, or a better athlete in whatever sport you choose.

Third, unlike most repetitive exercise programs, you won’t get bored with P90X, because you do a different workout every day.  Even better, each workout has 20 or 30 different exercises; you don’t do dozens of reps of the same exercise over and over.  You have huge variety in your workouts, which keeps you motivated, and never bored.

Fourth, with proper nutrition and exercise you can lose weight.  While P90X is not specifically a weight loss program, working out every day and eating right will obviously lead to weight loss if you are currently carrying a few extra pounds.

Finally, it works, as hundreds of thousands of P90X graduates will attest.  Proven results are the best reason to try any exercise program.

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