About This Site

Workout Girl and Workout Guy are a husband and wife team in their late 40’s, with two children and busy lives, who wanted to try a different workout. Workout Guy runs in the summer, and does weights and cardio in the winter. Workout Girl has a personal trainer in the winter, and spends the summer outside doing heavy duty gardening, so no workouts are required. We wanted a change, so we decided to give P90X a try.

This site is our journal, recording what we thought as we progressed through the program. Click on the Topics or the Tags on the right hand side of any page to go to specific places, or just read through our ramblings.

Please note that P90X and Beachbody are registered trademarks of Product Partners, LLC. This site is not associated with Product Partners, LLC. This is a personal blog site where actual P90X users post their thoughts on the P90X program.